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Vital Enzyme's mixed Fruits & Vegetables & Herbal, 100% Natural Fermentation.

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From digestion to energy production, enzymes are vital to all bodily functions. However, when our body’s enzyme reserves run low, a host of health problems are likely to occur.

Critical to the synthesis of nutrients, enzymes become depleted on a daily basis due to stress, alcohol consumption, illness, degenerative aging as well as an imbalanced diet. However, enzyme reserves can be replenished through a rich source of fruits and vegetables most of us do not consume enough of.

Vital Enzymes drink gives our body just what it needs. Fermented from some of the freshest fruits and vegetables around, Vital Enzymes contains no artificial colours or flavors and only a full spectrum of enzymes that will not only enhance our overall being but restore us to optimum health.

Fermented Enzyme is a premium catalyzed fermented product. It is the combination between catalyzed fermented ingredients consisting of 50 kinds of herbs and 2 exclusive ingredients, plus secret technique.  


Premium, Daesang fermented cereal enzyme mixture, { Daesang Fermented chlorella ultra enzyme mixture (domestic product), fermented brown rice enzyme (domestic product), fermented oat enzyme (domestic product), fermented soybean enzyme, Daesang fermented herb enzyme mixture, fermented Chinese oat enzyme, fermented black bean enzyme, fermented glutinous rice enzyme, fermented black rice enzyme}, fructose oligo sugar,resistant maltodextrin, seaweed calcium (Ireland’s product), protein extracted from soybean, chlorella powder (domestic product), milk bacterium powder, L-glutamine, colostrum milk powder, zinc oxide, nicotine (acid) amide, calcium pantothenate, B2 vitamin, B1 nitrate vitamin, vitamin B6 hydrochloride, red ginseng extract powder, folic acid, vitamin B12 mixture (dibasic calcium phosphate, vitamin B12)


1. Purifies the body: Maintains weakly alkaline blood, eliminates toxicity from the body, stimulates digestion and strengthens immunity.

2. Fights inflammation: Enzymes do not heal but they strengthen white blood cells to self-heal.

3. Anti-bacterial: Stimulates the anti-bacterial effect of white blood cells to eliminate pathogenic organisms, stimulates cell renewal and treats illness from the source.

4. Decomposes waste: Enzymes decomposing effect can excrete toxins in the body and allows the body to function normally.

5. Purifies the blood: Breaks down cholesterol to maintain weakly alkaline blood and stimulates blood circulation.

6. Stimulates cells: Stimulates metabolism of cells for strength and energy, and renews damaged cells.


•  Dosage and reference usage: 2 packs per day, 1 pack before breakfast, 1 pack before dinner. Directly use or blend with water. 

•  Notice: For those who have allergic biography with featured ingredients and special physical body, must read the ingredients carefully before use. 

Nutrition ingredients per pack (3g) Total: 30 packs (90g)
Nutrition value per pack *% daily value
Calories 10kcal
Carbohydrate 2g 1%
Sugar 0g
Protein <1g 1%
Total Fat 0g 0%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Natrium 0mg 0%
* % Daily value: ratio comparing one day nutritious standard

 Arsenic (as As) ND (<0.1)
Cadmium (as Cd) ND (<0.1)
Lead (as Pb) ND (<0.1)
Mercury (as Hg) ND (<0.1)
Tin (as Sn) ND (<1.0)
Antimony (as Sb) ND (<0.3)

Note: ND = Not Detected

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